Three of the Best Ways to Repurpose Your Social Media Video Content

Today, thanks to technology, businesses can record and do live social media video content with ease. However, most of these videos – viral or not – have a very short lifespan. Your videos may do great today, but in a week, it’s unremembered.

So, is that something to fret about?

Well, it depends. If you dedicated a lot of time and effort on your video, and you think its content deserves more than what it got, then yes. And quite frankly, that is most of the cases for businesses trying to provide value to their audience. It would be quite a waste to see your content confined in a video only. To make the most out of your videos and improve its existence, better repurpose it. Here’s how to do that:

Three of the Best Ways to Repurpose Your Social Media Video Content Three of the Best Ways to Repurpose Your Social Media Video Content

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Repurpose Your Social Media Video Content in Three Ways:

Make a Blog Out of It

It’s pretty basic; you just put what you said in the video into written words. When I have free time, which is rare, I create a blog post of my periscope videos. In this manner, I can extend the shareability of the content and preserve it in my blog. Not only can people find it in my Periscope profile, but also in my website. Furthermore, I can share the blog post on my other social media accounts even after sharing its video. Click here to get what I mean.

Cut and Take the Key Points of Your Video

Another way to further utilize an old social media video content is to trim and edit them into short videos. Only get the takeaways, those brief parts that truly help your audience. Not only are these clips easy to share on your other social media channels, but they’re also great as an extra media for future articles and other written content.

Have an Audio Version on Your Video

There’s nothing simpler than that. You just have to convert your video into mp3. Why would you want to do that? Well, some people are too busy to watch your video. Even if they do find your content great, they don’t have the time to check it, and the moment they do have the time, they forget. So, giving them the chance to download an audio copy of it will be of great help. They can listen to it while driving to work or during their half-hour breaks.

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