How to Gain Your 1st 1000 Followers on Instagram

As a lot of you know, I’ve always experimented on how to gain more followers and subscribers. After such experimentation – especially if it’s a success – I’ll always give you my two cents. This time, I’ll be focusing on Instagram and providing you steps to gain 1000 followers easily. It’s a five-way procedure that anyone can try. Just take note… if you really want this to work, put some muscle into it.

How to Gain 1000 Followers on Instagram

Optimize Your Profile

In one of my blog posts, I’ve discussed how to competently make your profile stand out from everyone else’s. When your profile is fully optimized, not only are you going to get more organic followers, you’re also showing authority. This way, you’ll have a sharper edge in the competition. Optimizing your Instagram profile will take only five steps: Have a friendly profile picture, a keyword for your name, precise description, call to action, and a link!

Upload Beautiful Content

What I mean by this is to post images or videos that can bring them value. To elaborate, value is something that can educate, inspire, and entertain. This is because people will not stay long if you only provide content for your own good. Give them something that will make them stay. And, images with captions that can educate them, inspire them, and entertain them are the best way to make sure you gain followers that won’t leave.

Use the Right Hashtags

One of the fastest and most effective ways to gain exposure and followers is to use the right hashtags for your niche. There are several methods to do that, and one is to use Instagram search – just type one general hashtag for your niche and check out its suggestions. Make use of those hashtags with a lot of posts, as they’re more likely to be searched. You can also use this website TagsForLikes.com for a faster selection of popular Hashtags.

Comment Below Other Pictures

The next step, after doing all the things that affect you, is to do everything that affects them. It’s very simple; you just have to comment on other user’s pictures. Not only are you gaining exposure to hundreds of other people, but you’re also showing people that your account is not just for show but is active. Don’t just comment a pleasing word such as great, nice, or amazing. This will not make you stand out. What you need to comment are sentences that give value or can start a conversation.

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Start Collaborating on Instagram

Last, collaborate with other users. This allows you to grow exponentially by working with others. Some may ask for payment, especially if they’ve got a lot of following. However, some will do it for free if, in return, you also promote and help them out. The key here is to work as a team and benefit as a team.

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