How to Identify People on Instagram to Collaborate

In any industry, the fastest way to grow a business is to collaborate with other businesses to help each other. This applies to social media as well, in particular, Instagram. In this article, I will provide key methods to help you find the right people who can let you gain more followers. It only takes five baby steps to accomplish this, and here they are:

IG How To Identify People On Instagram To Collaborate How to Identify People on Instagram to Collaborate

Enter the Right Hashtags

First, the easiest way to identify the right people is to identify the right posts. Whoever posted something that is similar to what you’ve posted is a person under the same niche. That’s why you will search for hashtags that you would typically use. This brings you to step two.

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See Top Posts

The next thing you want is to see influencers with a lot of followers – just make sure these followers are active. How do you know they’ve got active followers? Check out how well their posts are performing. A quick way to know that is if their posts are on the top posts. Look at the post first and then check their profile.

Look for Followers, Likes, and Comments

After you’ve checked their profile, you want to know how legit they are. There are a lot of users on Instagram that buy followers, and you want to avoid them. The best way to identify is to check how many likes and comments they get on their posts. If they have thousands of followers, but can’t even reach a few hundred likes, then that’s not on your list of potential people to collaborate with.

Send a Message and/or Comment

After the first three steps and you’ve finally figured out who’s who, the next thing you want to do is to get in touch with them. The best way to do that is to send them a direct message PLUS comment on their posts. Comment on their fresh posts to catch attention. Chances are, they’re very busy, and they can’t reply to you if you just send them a message. That’s why you comment as well to make sure they notice you.

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Use Whalar

Whalar is a tool that allows you to compare yourself with other users. This makes it easier for you to assess who are the right people to collaborate with on Instagram. If you want to collaborate with users with a lot of following, it will be expensive. However, if you will team up with someone that has an identical number of followers, you might not spend even a dime and get great results.

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