How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Are you having problems making the most out of your Instagram Profile? Are you optimizing it for your business or just for leisure? Whatever the case, let me help you make things easier by providing five powerful tips on how to optimize your profile. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know.

IG How To Optimize Your IG Profile How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Have a Friendly Profile Photo

Having a high-quality photo for your profile adds a lot of points, but what catches attention is a friendly image. Perhaps, to make things even clearer, simply smile at the camera! Not only does it make you approachable, but it also gives your audience a positive impression about you – even if they have no clue about who you are. Also, take note you should be consistent as possible. It means your profile photo should be the same on all your other profiles to provide branding. This makes it easy for your fans to find you on all your social media profiles.

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Change Your Name to Your Keyword

On Instagram, your bio is a precious, yet limited, space. The name field would be a waste if you just place your name when you can place a certain keyword to help people discover you faster. Look, if you’re not a celebrity or a famous brand, only a handful of people will search for your exact name. But remember, there are thousands of people every day searching for your product or service – or whatever you offer. Take advantage of this by changing your name to your keyword.

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Describe Who You Are

Now, I’m not talking about an essay or a couple of sentences. That would be a waste of space on your profile. Did you know that people rarely read sentences on social media when it comes to profile description? What they look for are keywords that instantly describe who you are or what you do. This is why you should use a lot of one-word tell-all as much as you can. I use entrepreneur or social media strategist to describe what I do and what I can offer. If you can simply shorten a description into a word, do it and that’s what you need to place on your profile – think KEYWORDS.

Add a Call to Action

Again, there are so many profiles I see without having a call to action. A call to action provides an invitation to do something you want that will benefit you. One of the simplest examples is to ask them to search for you on your other social media accounts. You can even ask them to visit your website or just about anything you want. Trust me; not only will you benefit from it, but you will also show authority and life to your profile.

Add a Link and Don’t Forget to Track It

My last tip would be to add a link to your profile. This is a synergy to having a call to action. You can have a link to anywhere – even to money sites. The only thing you need to make sure before adding the link is to track it. You do that by simply shortening it on Bit.ly. You need to track it because you want to know how often people go to your profile and click the link. The more clicks you gain, the more interested your audience is. So, have a go at it!

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