Why Facebook Business Profile Reviews and Rating Matter

One of the most ignored, yet very important, aspects of any business is the reviews or rating. Without a doubt, it greatly helps consumers decide whether to purchase the product or service. This works the same for your Facebook business profile. This social media profile may just be a representation of your overall brand and not the product(s); it’s a representation, nonetheless.

Why Your Facebook Business Profile Reviews and Ratings Matter Why Facebook Business Profile Reviews and Rating Matter

Facebook Reviews – What Is It?

Before jumping ahead, letting everyone know what and how the Facebook reviews work is essential. Facebook Reviews are like Amazon’s review system after purchasing a product. Instead, you simply review the business. The star rating is part of Facebook’s algorithm, known as EdgeRank. The more positive the rating on your Facebook Business Profile, the better the chances of getting more exposure, as you’ll pop out easily on users’ newsfeed (especially your fans). You also gain a higher rank on Facebook’s result pages or suggestions.

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With the above, I’m sure that, not only are you able to convince people how great and legit your brand is with positive reviews, but Facebook will also expose you better. This is the main reason Facebook business profile reviews and rating matter, the organic brand awareness. However, the challenge is there and it will not be easy.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As I’ve just mentioned, allowing people to rate your profile is often a risk and a challenge. That’s why a lot of other brands prefer to disable this feature. And that’s why I will provide the advantages and disadvantages for you to decide if you’re up to it.


  • Faster trust acquisition – your new audience will trust you better and, perhaps, will even recommend you.
  • Better exposure – not only will Facebook rank you higher and show your post and other activities to your fans, other brands will want to collaborate with you. This leads to more brand awareness opportunities and greater exposure.
  • More sales – the more positive the review and the more people aware of your brand, the easier it is to sell.
  • Boosts credibility – last is what people are looking for right after landing in one’s business page, their credibility. If they’re not convinced, they probably will just leave your page, making you lose a potential customer.


  • Negative reviews – obviously, the first thing that will be against you are those who are disappointed and unsatisfied with your product or service. No matter how hard you try, there will always be a few. That’s unless you can fix their issue and ask them to change the review, which is a lot of work.
  • Takes too much time – it’s difficult to read all of these reviews and respond to them. This will require you to focus or assign a social media manager to take care of the account. And for negative reviews, you might take care of it yourself.
  • Fake or Troll reviews – remember, you’re dealing with a business. And, in any business, there is competition. There are other business owners who might play dirty. They will probably hire trolls to make negative reviews about your Facebook business profile, which is unavoidable – especially for smaller businesses.

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