Why Your Business Should Be on YouTube

Most of you might think that YouTube is merely a platform to share and watch videos. However, it’s actually a huge social media channel as well. Many users are socializing every day in the comments section, and each one of them can be a potential customer to your business. But I think that’s not convincing enough to make you pursue setting up a YouTube channel for your brand. That’s why this article exists.

Why Your Business Should Be on YouTube Why Your Business Should Be on YouTube

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Three Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on YouTube

Amazing Conversion Rate

This platform, believe it or not, has one of the highest conversion rates in the online world. Did you know that 8 out of 100 (8%) individuals who watched a product review on YouTube will buy the product? While the average online marketing rate only has a conversion of 4%, this platform doubles it.

The reason behind that is simple; most people are more satisfied seeing real action from a product. That’s why live streaming is very popular today. So why not just stick to live streaming then? Well, that’s also an option but what makes YouTube special and powerful is because you can upload quality-produced videos. It means that you can set things up better than more of an on-the-go quality that live streaming usually has.

The Videos Are Remarkably Shareable

Another thing that will make you love this platform is its content shareability. Unlike the posts from Facebook and Twitter, videos on YouTube can be shared almost everywhere without the hassle. You can instantly copy the link and post it anywhere you want. Or you can click the share icons directly and specifically share it on whatever platform you want. Furthermore, you can even embed them on your blog posts, too.

That’s the reason why most of the videos on YouTube, if marketed correctly, can have millions of views. Think about one of your product, wouldn’t it be a blast if it would reach a million views? That’s quality exposure. And on top of that, the high conversion rate still applies.

Almost Everyone Knows YouTube and Has the App

Did you know that YouTube has 1.5 billion monthly active users? That has more population than most countries in the world. That fact alone shows how many people love it. It means that people are accustomed to it. And you will have no worries marketing it or showing a link to a video as people trust YouTube more than any other video sharing network.

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