Instagram Stories 101 – Learning the Basics

Many of you might still be confused how Instagram Stories work, especially those who are new to Instagram. To give you a quick introduction, Instagram is a photo sharing app. The very essence of this app is to share carefully selected photos you want your friends, or even strangers, to see.

These photos that you’ve uploaded will be placed on your profile/wall and will stay there, unless you delete it. Here’s the catch; Instagram Stories lets you upload a couple of photos/videos throughout the day but will be gone after 24 hours! Well, if you find this familiar… it’s because the very idea closely resembles Snapchat’s My Story feature. The only difference is this has fewer options (filters and lenses).

Instagram Stories 101 - Learning the Basics

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Creating Your Instagram Stories

Stories, in simplest words, are merely temporary photos or videos compiled to form a small gallery that shows a story. To create one, check these steps:

  • Tap the plus button. It should be seen at the top-left side of your home screen. Or, you can simply swipe right from the main screen.
  • Then, tap the circle button to capture photos or tap and hold to take a video.
  • Once you’ve finished taking pictures or videos, you can edit them and even add drawings.
  • When you think you’ve created a masterpiece or are simply satisfied with your work, tap “done” to save.
  • Tap the check button so you can share your story!

If you want to create a long story, where people must swipe to make it look like a slideshow, you just redo the entire process. It’s that easy! Every photo or video you add will automatically be placed in your Instagram Stories.

Some Important Info

Here are quick tips I think you need to know about this feature:

You can save or post your Stories if you like

It can’t be helped that, sometimes, we are attached to what we made, and we simply do not want to lose it. You can save your Stories by opening your Story and tapping on the three dots, then simply tap save photo/video. If you want to place it in your profile, then tap the share as a post option.

You can mute other people’s Stories

Admit it; we all have that someone who simply spams their Stories all day long. You can mute them without them even knowing. Just tap and hold their Story icon; a popup menu should be seen with the option to mute. Fret not, as muting doesn’t mean to banish one’s Story; they’re just placed at the last of the lineup, so you won’t be seeing them easily – unless you purposely want to.

You can hide your Stories from certain people, too

One great thing about Stories is you can prevent certain people – who you think shouldn’t see the post, like, say, your mom – from seeing explicit content. You can simply do this by first going to your profile. Afterward, select the three dots (Android) or sun symbol (iOS). Select the Story Settings and then tap “Hide My Story From” option. Select someone you want to hide your content from and then tap done.

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