Three Ways to Reward Your Social Media Followers

Social media followers are nearly synonymous to customers. The only thing separating them is that the latter has already purchased. And, with more effort, you can convert them. But it’s not always about convincing people to buy your product or service. It’s also about giving back – whether they’re a customer or not. After all, your followers did a great job at liking and sharing your content.

Three Ways to Reward Your Social Media Followers Three Ways to Reward Your Social Media Followers

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Three of the Best Ways to Reward Your Social Media Followers

Distribute a Free E-book

Nowadays, most readers would love to get a compilation of what your brand is all about. Although your blog should already be enough to provide valuable content, an e-book still has its advantages. One that’s worthy of mentioning is that it has a systematic structure. Sometimes, opening a blog can be confusing, especially to those who’re new to it. You can’t seem to know where to start.

An e-book, on the other hand, is designed to keep information easily digestible. Just like most textbooks, each topic supports the next and begins with a fundamental subject. This manner of writing assures that the reader will not feel overwhelmed. Moreover, it’s also great for those who have always been reading your blog so that they can get a quick recap of everything.

Feature a Follower

You can always write a blog about your most loyal social media follower. There will always be that one person who likes, comments, and shares the most. Feature him/her, and if you like, reward him with a free product or service. Not only will it show how deeply you care and appreciate the people supporting you, but it will also remind you that without them, your business will cease to exist. This reward also gives you some new content to create, which is helpful if you’re all out.

Give Freebies to 10 Random Social Media Followers That’ll Share Your Next Post

Whatever your business is, you can always give some things occasionally. It doesn’t need to be expensive. You can send them a mug or a shirt with a print of your brand on it, and they’ll be really pleased about it.

Host a simple contest. The contest I’m talking about is by sharing a post, and the award goes to 10 random social media followers. Not only will you make your social media followers be more participative and happy, but you’ll also promote your content. That’s because they’ll be forced to share it if they want to get the prize.

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