Twitter Is Testing the new Tweet – 280 Characters

Do you know what made Twitter, “Twitter”? It was, in my opinion, its unique posting feature that’s popularly known as tweets. It’s short, crisp, and sweet. That’s because of its 140-character limit.

This limit was just the perfect length to express one-liners that delivers a huge impact. I mean, users and brands will always do their best to crunch in as much detail as they can without overdoing it. This act always results in beautifully written sentences that are fun to read and share.

In a nutshell, most – if not all – of the feed on Twitter are tweets that can be read and understood quickly. And if they’d want to express more, they can just add an image or a link to blog post. However, I think they plan on changing that by introducing, I meant, “testing,” the #280character limit.

Twitter Is Testing the new Tweet – 280 Characters Twitter Is Testing the new Tweet – 280 Characters

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Here’s What I Think About 280-Character Tweets

In a few words, I just believe that it’s not a good move. Most of the people and brands I know love the 140-character tweet as it’s succinct. If they would officially change it, they might as well copy all of Facebook’s and other social media’s features, too.

What even makes it worse is that no one loves reading long social media posts nowadays. That’s because reading is much more burdensome to do than just watching a video. And speaking of video, today’s technological trend is mostly about live streaming.

But isn’t this blog post made out of lengthy wordings? Yes, that is true! But this article is made to educate and inform, and it’s not shoved on people’s feed. It’s not going to annoy anyone on social media. That’s because I just post a description of the blog that fits the 140-character limit. And people can just choose whether to read it or not.

For me, I believe that their efforts should be allocated into making new ways for people to get comfortable with live streaming. Sharing live videos shouldn’t be limited to individuals who’re in business or wants to entertain. It’s also a means to socialize with friends – which is actually done by some people. However, only “some” people do it because they’re shy.

But then again, I could be wrong about the possibly-new tweet limit. It could be embraced by the majority, or it will leave the platform losing users in the future. What do you think about tweeting 280 characters?


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