Getting Your Audience to Trust You on Social Media

No matter how far we’ve reached on social media, trust is still something that’s not easy to earn. In any business, trust is one of the most valuable assets. Without it, the chances of selling your products or services are minimal at best. That’s because most people would prefer brand’s that are trusted by the majority.  It’s is why I’m telling you right now; you need to gain your audience’s trust to take you closer to success. And, here’s how to make that happen.

Trust Getting Your Audience to Trust You on Social Media

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Post Your Portfolio on All Your Social Media Profiles

When it comes to earning their trust, you must show them something that’s worth considering. They must see something that can make them pause and think that it’s worth trying – it’s worth giving them a chance. In most businesses, in particular for start-ups, the hard part is always the portfolio or evidence of quality products and services. It’s always an excellent idea for you to take pictures of your product and how it’s made. Or, take pictures of how you provide services to a real client. In both manners, you are being transparent and giving them the chance to judge for themselves. Banners and ads are one thing, seeing how it’s done is another thing. Remember, anyone can print a poster of their product; the hard part is if you have the guts to expose how it truly works.

Make Use of Testimonials

If you have a few good comments about how well you did or how great your product was, use them. You can take a screenshot of each positive comment and compile them in one big image or as individual images. You can put them on your blog or post and pin them on Facebook. Testimonials are way better than talking about the product yourself. People are always skeptical, and they always assume that you are being biased. Honestly, we all are. And that’s why testimonials work. Put these on your social media profiles, and you’ll surely gain a bit of their trust with ease.

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