Why Content Will Always Be King – Even on Social Media

No matter who you ask about online marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), and SMM (social media marketing), content will always be king. The information – written, audio, or video – you provide to your audience will always be the biggest element to make them become your customer. Why? That’s because people will always want to make sure they know what they’re investing in. Whether you’re selling a product or service, quality content will always be needed to fill their thirst.

As a consumer, we won’t trust a label that easily. We want to know what that label offers and the quality. Providing general content about what your product is about and how it’s made can make your consumers feel at ease. What’s the best medium to deliver this content? Well, you guessed it correctly, it’s social media.

Why Content Will Always Be King Even on Social Media Why Content Will Always Be King - Even on Social Media

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How to Make a Compelling Content to Gain Your Consumers’ Trust

Here is an easy guide to making your content. Whether it is a video, audio, or old-school written content, this guide will make it become more compelling, convincing, informative, and entertaining.

Start with an Opener

Take note that you should always start by providing an opener. It could be a question, theory, or something that can let them know what your topic is about. Don’t start by going directly to the solution – which should be your product or service. Doing so will make it look like hard-selling or make your product look weak and useless, as they won’t know its functions and the problems it can solve. The best way to start is by asking a question about certain issues that your product or service can help. If you offer SEO services, you can start by asking, “Is your website getting enough traffic?”

Walk Them Through the Benefits

The next thing your content should have is a walk-through of the benefits they’ll get from the product. Show them why your product or service is a solution and how it can help them. One of the most common causes of failure is due to the lack of showing advantages to your audience. It makes them look for other brands that can offer more, which shouldn’t have been the case if you informed them well enough.

Showcase Why Your Brand Is Better Than Others

During this part of your content, boast your brand’s best features. Show them what makes your service or product better. Always save the best parts for later. If your price is less than the leading brand, use that fact to your advantage.

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