Marketing Your New Content With Zero Social Media Followers

For businesses with a good number of social media followers, it’s quite easy to promote new content. But for start-ups with little to absolutely no followers, it can be ridiculously challenging. So, here comes the most common question that’s frequently – perhaps, always – asked by young and new entrepreneurs: How do you promote your content when you have no followers on social media?

Marketing Your New Content With Zero Social Media Followers Marketing Your New Content With Zero Social Media Followers

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Marketing Without Social Media Followers

Although social media is one of the most powerful ways to publicize something on the web, it’s not the only way. However, let me be just clear, ignoring social media altogether will unquestionably hinder your growth and overall potential. But as a start, here are a few ways to get your content out:

Link Out to Useful Sources

Link out? Won’t that throw the audience away from the content? I get it, that’s the question that’ll always come to mind. But let me help you out on this one. Linking to sources will increase your site’s bounce rate, yes. However, if it’s a significant source that will help them understand your article or video better, there’s a huge chance that they’ll come back and even browse some more content.

But wait, how will that even give me some viewers in the first place? To do just that, you have to message/email the sources that you link out to. Notify them that you love their content, and you made a blog post or video that links to their content as a source. Not only will this move make them happy, but they’ll also be pleased to share your content as they know the traffic you get might still end up going back to their site. It’s a win-win situation.

The more sources you put in your content, the better the odds of getting shared by the sources themselves. In a way, you’re making a good relationship with other businesses and getting quality social media followers.

Ask Your Friends on Social Media to Share

It seems pretty obvious and basic, right? Well, it is. And the funny thing about it is that very few to none are doing it. Don’t be afraid to ask help from your friends – come on, what’s the worst that could happen?

That is the main thing about social media anyway, being social. Ask all your friends if possible, and you’ll see real results. It can be a handful, and some of them might ignore you as they, too, are busy. But those who aren’t may find your content great, and they become fans themselves together with their friends as well.

Join Groups, Forums, and Communities on Social Media and Share

This method takes a lot of time and effort, but that’s just how it is if you want to be successful. Joining groups that are relevant to what you do, blog about, or what your business is about is one of the first steps to broadcasting your content effectively.

By the way, take note that when you join, make sure you’re active. Don’t just join to spam or they might consider you as a bot. Be there to learn, share knowledge, and connect with people. So, comment and participate.






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