My 3 T´s of Success on Periscope

1. Time

Don´t forget Periscope is a global community, and most of its members are from the US. This means, you need to broadcast at the right moment. From my more than 400 broadcasts experience on Periscope, the perfect time is:

  • 10pm-1am CET
  • 4-6pm EST
  • 1-3pm PST

This can impact the amount of viewers by more than 100%, so be aware of the right timing.

2. Title

You can enter the title before you press the red “Start Broadcast” Button. Think of a catchy headline from a newspaper to create the perfect title and remember to use 2-4 emoticons to spice it up and drive more people to your broadcast. An extra tip is downloading a special font app. Here is an example of one of my titles, which brought thousands of viewers to my live broadcast and my replay.


Please note: Not all fonts will work on an iOS and android device, so make sure you test it on both. The font I am using in this example will work on all devices, and the name is Shadow Box. If you are using services, like katch or fullscope, you might not use special fonts, as they can´t read it.

3. Twitter

Make sure you connect your periscope account with Twitter and tweet your broadcast, as this brings two advantages:

  •  All your twitter followers will get notified and are able to watch it on their desktop, because there will be a direct link in your tweet.
  • Next to it, all your followers can also watch the replay directly in twitter for the next 24 hours by simply visiting your twitter profile. An extra tip is to pin your tweet with your replay to twitter, so more people will see it.

twitter Kopie

Extra tip: Pre-announce your show 20-30 minutes before. Here is an example of how I love to do it:



PS: Do you want more tips? Get my  TOP 5 Techniques to boost your Periscope Success.

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