Best Case of a Successful Periscope Cooperation

I want to share with you an example of my successful Periscope co-operations. For this I teamed up with Keaton Keller. At this time Keaton had around 4.000 followers on Periscope and 20.000 followers on Twitter and I had around 12.000 followers on Periscope and 2.000 followers on Twitter. It always makes sense to take a look at Twitter and Periscope before you plan a cooperation as they are heavily connected. In this case I was bigger on Periscope and Keaton was more popular on Twitter.

So how did we do it? First of all we told our viewers that we are going to give away an original Apple Watch as soon as both of us hit a special amount of hearts. (Keaton wanted to reach 5M hearts and I wanted to hit 10M hearts). It took us around two weeks until we both hit our target. After hitting it we pre-announced our great give away stream 2 days before to make sure no one will miss it. On a Sunday around 2 pm PDT (btw the best times to broadcast you find here) we started two broadcasts (one on Keaton´s device and one on mine). We talked one hour about the Apple Watch and asked the people for hearts. We were also cross promoting each other and asking our followers to follow the other account. After one hour we both tweeted out the following tweet and gave the people 15 minutes time to retweet both of our tweets and follow both of our accounts:


After this 10 minutes we visited this website, entered the link to our tweet and randomly picked a winner. Of course we double checked if the winner followed Keaton´s and my account on Periscope and Twitter.

The result of this cooperation was MASSIVE. We gained around 800.000 Periscope hearts, 500 followers on Periscope, 800 followers on Twitter and a lot of positive feedback. Here are the stats of this single tweet:



At the end, I was so happy, that I had too cool down so I jumped into our pool in L.A. in front of 200 viewers. (This was quite a big jump, don´t you think?) If you are interested in a collaboration with me, make sure you read this post and write me an email to ak@1alexkhan.com.



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