Three Niches That Work Great on Instagram

In every social media platform, there are specific niches that work best. However, I’m not saying an ultimate niche exists. That’s just like asking for the best website – obviously, every type of website has its advantages and disadvantages. However, I have observed there are three prosperous niches on Instagram. So, for entrepreneurs, who are still unsure of what type of business to establish on this photo sharing app, dig in.


Fashion and Clothing

First on my list is, of course, fashion and clothing. Instagram is filled with these and yet, almost every brand is still getting a lot of cash. This is because there are so many ways to market fashion using just one image. With a great camera, an amazing model, and some decent posts, you’re sure to allure thousands of users to buy your product. You shouldn’t limit yourself to clothes alone; anything that can beautify and provide some style should be in your arsenal – from necklaces, watches, bags, and just about anything the human body can wear. Also, make use of a genuine name and hashtag to stand out against your competitors.

Travel – Instagram Favorite

Without a doubt, the most sellable images on Instagram are aesthetically beautiful paradises. Who can resist mouthwatering images of Maldives and its waters? Having a travel agency as a business is a sure fire on Instagram. You can easily gain followers and fans and even sell products that are essential for traveling. As long as you consistently provide great sceneries of certain destinations, you will have a lot of engagement and customers will be pouring in. A few quick tips are to make use of hashtags that are relevant to the place and give a proper description of the destination, the price, and what to expect. And, don’t forget to leave them a bit hanging so that they’ll be sure to inquire.

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Health and Fitness

Last but not least is a favorite for all season. The niche health and fitness can easily garner followers as most of your posts are positively motivational. You can sell supplements, exercise equipment, and even live tutorials. With millions of people trying to get into shape every year, there is no doubt that this is one niche is going to last forever. Throw in a sexy model with a six-pack and you’re in business. Also, there are tons of extremely popular hashtags within this niche – making it very easy for entrepreneurs to penetrate the market.

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