Three Most Important Aspects in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

With the growing competition in social media marketing, without a clear perspective of what should be the priority in one’s strategy, failure is inevitable. There are so many businesses trying to maintain and grow their social media presence. But most are just staying afloat or lifeless. The main cause for such catastrophe is simple; entrepreneurs do not understand the important – crucial – aspects in a social media marketing strategy. Here are three aspects you must have for your business/brand to strive and compete.

Three Most Important Aspects in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Three Most Important Aspects in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Have a Business Goal

The first and the main reason businesses fail on social media is simply because they lack a goal. Their business is there, but it has no goal to chase – it has no ultimate purpose. The first thing you should have before diving into the vast competition within social media is to have a goal. It keeps you motivated to pursue, even when storms try to bring you down. However, having a goal that’s beyond realistic is also a major cause of failure. Make sure your goal is within your capabilities.

Last, make sure you have only one goal at a time. If your first goal is to reach 10000 likes within a month (which is possible), then push through it. If you just started, never have a goal to make millions or even monetize. Start with the foundations, such as building a reputation and getting people to see your potential.

Know Your Customers

Second, know your customers – loyal and potential – as much as you can. One of the biggest reasons any social media marketing strategy crumbles to ruins is because of insufficient information on their targeted customers.

Before planning to create a detailed approach for your strategy, make sure you know everything about your customers. What do they like?What content do they love? What do they hate? What type of content appeals to them the most? And you need to know the basics, too, such as age, gender ratio, interests, occupation, etc. These are just a few things you need to make sure you know. Failing at this will compromise your success.

Dedicate and Choose a Primary Social Media Channel

Let’s face it for the one-hundredth time… you can’t utilize all social media channels and platforms. Stick to one or two, three being the highest, especially if you’ve just started. In your social media marketing strategy, decide which social media interests you best. From your plan, product, customer, and goal, which suits best as a starting point? Do not worry; as your business grows, you can conquer new lands. You can’t focus on three items all at once, unless you have a huge team, which is fairly impractical at the moment. Build a name on one channel before jumping on the next one.

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