5 Signs Your Social Media Strategy Is Working

One of the most satisfying things to experience in life is progress – success that truly can inspire and motivate. Many of you are thriving hard to attain progress in your social media ventures to improve your business. But are you aware if it is progressing? And, if the social media strategy you use is working? Here are 5 easy to spot signs you should look for to determine your campaign’s current condition.

5 Signs Your Social Media Strategy Is Working 5 Signs Your Social Media Strategy Is Working

Metrics – These Numbers Never Lie

First, the easiest way to see your strategy is working is to see an increase of “likes, shares, and comments.” Whatever you’re doing to make things work, keep it up! And, make sure you study the content you are publishing – from the type, the structure, and the core message. When you can get the most effective one, pursue it.

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Increase in Website Traffic

The next one is obvious. If you’re not really into SEO yet, you’re getting many people visiting your website, then your social media strategy works. Always observe what posts or actions allowed you to drive more traffic to your site. Even if you’re not getting a lot of engagement, do not fret, as your post must be alluring that they’ve instantly clicked on it to visit your blog/website.


This one is obvious. If you are getting an increase in sales due to website traffic, you can’t deny the progress. However, not getting any sales is a different story and might be a sign that, though you are driving traffic, there might be something wrong with either your website or the content you’re publishing.

Getting More Occupied or Needing More Help

If you feel overwhelmed with the duties and tasks, such as consistently replying (comment or message) and posting, you’re evidently progressing. Never complain when you feel you have more tasks to do, as it is a good sign that your strategy works.


Perhaps, the biggest sign is what you feel with your overall social media strategy. If you’ve accomplished all the above and it gave you a great boost in confidence, this is a sure sign that your social media strategy truly works.

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