The Four Big Don’ts in Social Media

Almost every article about social media on the internet is plainly about what to do. And I get that; most people are asking for advice on how to improve their business. But, sometimes, it doesn’t always work even if you did everything that was asked of you to do.Maybe the problem is that you’re doing something else that you should NOT be doing.

This article will educate you on what you shouldn’t be doing on all social media platforms. Probably, some of these are your habits that decrease the likelihood of engagements and conversions – the worst part is you’re just not aware!

1280x720 blogpost Big donts The Four Big Don'ts in Social Media

1. Forced Likes and Click Bait

This should be the biggest taboo on social media. Not only will you probably sway from your niche and give your audience some crappy and useless content, but you will also have a big chance of getting penalized. Yes, the giants in social media such as Facebook are quite aware of the picture which asks you to ‘like or you will go to hell’ kind of things (may sound mean but this is fairly common). You will gain some premature likes, but that was simply because it was all just forced; the algorithms on Facebook will lessen the appearances of your post on their walls and others if this practice continues.

2. Buying Followers and Likes

Another humungous don’t in social media is buying likes and followers. Honestly, this might work for a little while when you’re trying to build a little reputation and let everyone know that you’re into something, and the page is alive. However, these are just empty likes and followers; they’re just there to fill a number – just for show! That’s why that number is empty, and you’re not gaining any conversions because, in the first place, you have no followers, but you do have a number. The best thing to do is just avoid it after you get a decent figure, or just don’t do it.

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3. Spamming Posts

This is one of the most common mistakes for a lot of social media marketers and entrepreneurs. I know, having a large audience is fascinating and they love what you do and what you share. However, spamming them and bombarding them with endless posts every hour of the day will do more harm! A great time gap between every post should be around every six hours at the most – doing less will even do better. If you have an international audience, it is great to post at least four to five times a day with a six-hour gap, but if your target audience is just in one time zone, posting once or twice a day should suffice.

4. Deleting All the Negative Comments

This is very understandable if the comment is just plain abusive and signifies nothing relevant. But, for reviews and complaints, please do not delete these. Foremost, it might be something that you’re not aware of, a defective product perhaps or just a mistake on your end. These are the best teachers for growth, and it provides you a chance to reverse that and make him happy in front of all your audience, further enhancing your reputation.

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