Basic Ideas for What to Post on Instagram

This article is solely intended for those who’re new on Instagram. A lot of you might be at the stage where you’re stuck wondering what to post. It keeps us frozen for quite some time. One of the biggest reasons we’re having difficulties on what to post is because we’re afraid it might go wrong – nobody likes getting negative feedback, especially when you’re new.

Here are five basic ideas about what to post on Instagram that is safe and will keep you away from getting negative results. From here, you can add your own flavor as you progress using the app. For now, see these simple ideas for you to get a head start.

1280x720 blogpost post IG Basic Ideas for What to Post on Instagram

1. Selfies

With all confidence, I have to say that nothing can go wrong showing your face in public. This ‘what to post on Instagram’ question also applies to every other social media; there has to be a selfie lurking around and many people will find it attractive and normal. This post is just showing your audience a face of who owns the page. To do the selfie, just give it a smile, set the camera, and take a shot!

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Aside from showing them a face, why not tell them something about yourself in a discreet way. How to do that is simply by posting images with quotes. What quotes you post tells them something about what you like and what you believe, every quote has its own character, some may be too aggressive and some might be simply showing off kindness. And, everyone loves reading something meaningful once in awhile.

3. Behind-the-Scenes

Before traveling, having a date, or attending any occasion, it is quite a practice on Instagram to take a picture of behind-the-scenes. It can be the clothes you’ve prepared, the shoes you’ll wear, or even a few accessories you have. Anything that relates to what you did before getting or doing it is good enough. And, people love that you’re sharing something personal – go for it.

4. Memes

One thing that everyone can agree on is a good picture that can make them smile. And, the best post that can make anyone smile is a good meme. There are millions over the internet with funny images with meaningful yet hilarious messages. Try it and see the engagement pouring in – just don’t overdo it, or you’ll end up with a funny profile unless you want that.

5. Throwback Thursdays

If you think you’re just out of images for the day, why not post something from the far past. Any image you want to share from the olden days is worth tagging it with #TBT or throwback Thursday. It’s more of a modern title for reminiscence you want to share publically – I guess everyone has something worth sharing from the past, definitely for what to post on the Instagram list.

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