DON´T Do THIS on Instagram

One of the best things about social media, specifically Instagram, is you are free to do almost anything; you can post just about anything in your life, you can post what you want or have, and you can post even thing inappropriate. However, there will always be consequences – some are positive, and some are negative. And, we all want to avoid the negative – for example, losing followers is the most unwanted thing. Thus, here is what not to do on Instagram to improve your engagement and boost your reputation to a whole new level. There might be some of these that you ‘re actually doing.

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Refrain Posting Images that Are Second Best

This should be thoroughly understood that the better the image, the better the results. If you post something, make sure you post the best. No matter what the message of the post is, people will stop scrolling and focus on images that look good. If you post crappy quality photos, no matter the caption, they will not do well.

Do Not Only Focus on the Number of Followers

One thing that makes users and businesses fail is because they become presumptuous after gaining a few thousand followers. Please, do not be too confident after gaining numbers. Instead, what you should focus is the number of activities on every post – check the likes, comments, and probably the people mentioning your profile. Start to join conversations and build relationships with your followers.

Don’t Spam, but Be Consistent

We all want to see a profile providing us with neat images or can share a nice story. However, we never want to see the same person flood our home page with the same topic on each post every hour – that would cause a headache and an immediate unfollow. Make sure that you post at least once a day.

Don’t Be Common

Be unique because many are just trying to copy a successful page. That is one of the biggest things to avoid. People want something unique; people are tired of copies or rip-offs. What you should do is simply be yourself and do what you ‘re great at. So, don’t be afraid to show yourself off and be creative.

Last, Do NOT Give Up

Simply because you’re not doing well for the first month, it doesn’t mean the second month will be the same. To be honest, it can probably be even worse, but there is a chance when you do things right, it can be amazing. So, never give up, don’t change the goal, and keep reaching for it no matter what. You can change your style and the way you post on Instagram, but do not give up the goal. This is one of those what not to do on Instagram and every social media platform.




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