Why Social Media Marketing Is a Must

For marketing a certain product/service over the internet, there is no longer an all in one option. Choose from SEO, Pay per click, Email, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, and many more. However, amongst these, why is Social Media a must?

1280x720 blogpost why social media mrtng Why Social Media Marketing Is a Must

Nowadays, social media is like a giant mall where everyone has their own space to showcase themselves (profiles). At a mall, anyone can freely stroll around and have a great time. Everyone can dine at their favorite restaurant, watch movies, pay bills, or just hang with their friends – a huge network of nearly everything. And, companies can use their space as a portal towards their main office or directly promote their products and services.

This makes social media incredibly powerful as it can bring ease to such a vast intertwined online world. This is why colossal companies and tiny start-up companies rely heavily on social media. And, here are just three reasons it is effective and should be a must when you want to market anything on the internet.

Three Benefits Why Opt for Social Media

Get Traffic Easily

Every company that owns a website – and certainly every company does – will always have a difficult time getting traffic to their site. However, social media can change that dramatically. Think about the mall as an example, with social media providing you with space; you can easily place links towards your website on your profile or every post you create. This is why social media is now the number one source of traffic for most websites nowadays. Search engines are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Though SEO exists, it’s no longer as powerful as it used to be.

Engage With Your Customer

Engagement is critical in any form of business. Communication and taking action about their concerns is one way to get a positive reputation that will make your business more successful. Social media allows this engagement easily. Not only are you hearing and reading about complaints, but you will also see praises and fulfilling comments about your products or services. Thus, it will lead to more potential clients in the future.


Now that you can engage with your customers, you can develop your brand as time goes by. Depending on how you interact with them, your brand will slowly form its own reputation. If you treat each concern with proper action, you will gain positive reviews and build an important character. If you offer some promos or even sponsor activities online, then people will be more attracted to you and your brand will become more popular. All of these are a consequence of how you mingle with your customers.  And, all of these are simply attainable through social media.

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