Snapchat’s Face Swap New Update – Go Solo

One of the leading internet ‘craze‘ that’s really popular no matter where you go is Snapchat’s Face Swap – like, who doesn’t love swapping faces? It’s fun, perky, impossible in real life, and it gives you the chance to bond with family and friends.

Undeniably, Snapchat’s originality has gone a long way of continuing successes… just one after another. One of its most prized features is Face Swap, where you are obviously able to exchange faces with your acquaintance. However, there is a catch. You can’t technically use it without a partner with which to swap faces.

So, they’ve provided a new feature… The Solo Face Swap Lens that allows you to pick a picture to swap with from your photo library or camera roll. This allows you to kill time while you’re all alone, whether you’re waiting for a friend, traveling, or just bored in your abode.

Snapchat Face Swap illustration from wolfgangeckstein.eu

Thing to Be Aware Of  Snapchat’s Face Swap

Snapchat is well-known for limiting access – it is unfortunately quite annoying sometimes. So, I’m here to provide you some useful information to clarify and let you know if some of what you’re experiencing are part of the update or not.

  • First, it’s quite buggy. There is nothing surprising about that since it is a new update. They’re what we supposedly call an open beta period for games, which allow a few selected participants to report as many bugs as possible. However, we don’t have it on social media channels, so I guess everyone has to participate. Rarely, while using this feature, you might experience glitches and sudden, unintentional logouts.
  • Second, you can’t choose the pictures yourself. This is the limiting aspect that I’ve just mentioned; it restricts you from selecting the exact image with which you’d like to swap faces. So, if you truly want to try a specific picture that Snapchat excluded, I guess you have to delete everything else except for that one picture you’d opt for… but that’s a terrible idea, so just don’t.
  • Last, Snapchat’s solo face swap will thoroughly search for faces as its main criteria to include in its selection of pictures. Remember, human beings are not the only ones with faces. There is a significant chance that it will also pick some objects that match the human face. So, don’t be surprised if you’ll see a sculpture or something.

With all that being said, you should definitely not miss out the fun. Update your app to the latest version so you can enjoy Snapchat’s face swap till your heart’s content. And, report or share funny bugs along the way if you encounter them.

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