The Perfect Intro Pitch on Periscope

The first 2 minutes of your stream are crucial for your Periscope success for two reasons

  1. A majority of your followers join in this time period, and if it is not interesting, or they don´t understand what you are talking about, they will instantly leave.
  2. Your replay viewers decide in the first seconds if they are going to watch your replay.

My perfect pitch builds on my AAA rule:

  • Action: You need to show action in the first seconds of your stream. Start by welcoming the replay viewers, as they are the only ones, who will see your first 10 seconds (live viewers will take a while, until they join your stream).
  • Attention: You need to draw attention and explain to your viewer, why they should spend their data plan and time to watch what you want to say. Introduce yourself by saying your name and what you are usually broadcasting about. Add a little sneak peek about today´s topic and explain why it is important and/or interesting for your viewers. You could also mention a special extra/bonus, which you will reveal if they stay till the end of your show. Periscope is all about engagement, so explain to your followers that they can interact with you by asking them questions, like “where they viewing from” or “if they are watching you for the first time.”You could also relate to your topic and ask them if they already heard anything about it.
  • Add Value: After your intro and first engagement, you need immediately to start to fulfill your promise and start adding value. It makes sense to write at least some keywords, so you don´t lose the thread in your stream.

Now I want to give you an example of one of my pitches:

“Welcome to the replay, my friends. My name is Alex Khan, and I give daily periscopes of how to gain more followers, hearts, and viewers. My topic, today, is how to create and execute the perfect pitch. You will get to know my AAA rule, and I will guide you step by step to your own perfect pitch. Before we directly dive into the topic, let me welcome the live viewers… Hello, my friends! So good to see you live on Periscope. Before we start, let me quickly welcome my first time viewers. Everyone who tunes in for the first time, leave me the word “Rockstar” as a comment, because that´s what you are for me. So hello to (shout out to some of the viewers that are writing Rockstar) … For those who don´t know me, my name is Alex Khan, and I am giving daily periscopes about how to get more hearts, followers, and viewers. And now, we are going to talk about the perfect pitch on periscope. Are you ready? Leave me a thumbs up if you want to know more about it…”

After the pitch, you start talking about your topic and don´t forget to ask questions and engage with your audience. If you ask people to invite their followers, which makes sense after a couple of minutes of great content, make sure to reintroduce yourself, as new people will visit your stream.

I will explain, in another post this week, how you master asking for sharing your content and inviting their followers to your stream.

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See you in my next broadcast.



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  1. Hi @darbsllim:disqus,

    Thank you for your question. The number one reason is that I have many ways to get in touch with me, which are faster like email, twitter, skype etc. so people prefer this way and I also recommend it. I also recently changed my comment plugin from wordpress and facebook to disqus, which unfortunately made all existing comments disappear. If you have more questions, please feel free to add me on skype at periscopealex or write me an email to alex@new.wolfgangeckstein.eu. Have a great day Brad.

  2. This is a great tip. I have known this, but have been inconsistent about how I introduce myself. I’m inspired now to write it out so people understand more quickly what they are getting into. Thanks for sharing your script.

  3. Been watching you and learning it is nice to have it written down as well Thanks Alex your the greatest!!!♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆

  4. Hi Alex. I watch all of your periscopes and appreciate all of your tips and thank you for sharing your knowledge. This information is great as I will start doing periscopes everyday on December 1 until Christmas! Honestly I am scared to death so this helps me. Thank you again

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