Master Collaborations and Giveaways on Periscope

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” – Michael Jordan


As Michael Jordan said, it is important to find the right partners and convince them to cooperate to rock every business. At the moment, Periscope lacks on all kinds of search features, but there is a great workaround, which I have explained here. In this post, I want to show you why a cooperation makes sense, how you plan and execute them, and what tools can you use.

It all starts with a “why”, and for any successful cooperation, the best “why” is to point out the advantages for both sides (also called win-win situation). On Periscope this could be:

  • Follower and Viewer Growth
  • Offering services (your knowledge, expertise to solve a problem)
  • Offering giveaways to stimulate engagement
  • Offering a payment (sometimes, the only way to convince a promising partner)

After you have agreed on a deal, you must take a closer look on how you manage the maximal output for yourself. Best practices on Periscope are:

  • Inviting followers (this sends out push notifications to all followers and adds the stream to all of them for 24 hours, so they can watch the replay in their feed)
  • Share the stream on twitter, so every twitter follower can see it and watch the replay by clicking on the link (for this, it is important you activate twitter before broadcasting)
  • Add a username and/or hashtag to the title of a broadcast
  • Meet up and do a stream together

Of course, you can mix those practices to multiply their effects. Let me share with you some ideas  you could offer them or one lucky winner:

  • Reveal a secret
  • Share a tip/tool/information
  • Offer a giveaway
  • Give a shout out on Periscope (and/or any other social media profile)
  • Give them a follow on Periscope (and/or any other social media profile)
  • Visit their next stream and give them lots of hearts

Please make sure you also stick to what you have promised and make the process of picking a winner as transparent as possible. Your reputation and the trust of your followers is one of your key assets.

So what is it in for you? Here are some ideas you could ask your followers in return:

  • Follow you
  • Give you hearts
  • Favorite and Retweet one of your tweets (a great tool for picking a winner)
  • Inviting their followers
  • Share your broadcast on Twitter
  • Mention you in a Tweet
  • Post a Tweet with a special hashtag
  • Do a broadcast and mention you in their title

Please note: Make sure you can contact the winner, so always ask if they have Twitter, and if they use the same username on Periscope. A best case of one of my co-operations, you can find here. If you are interested in a collaboration or more information, please write me an email atak@1alexkhan.com.

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