Instagram Stories – 4 Strategies for Your Business

Are you running out of ideas for your social media marketing plan, especially on Instagram? Well, if you are…you’ve come to the right place! Most businesses engaged with social media will soon experience a strategy blackout. It’s normal, especially when you’ve already tried thousands of ways. This is why I’m giving you four superior strategies to make use of Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories – 4 Strategies for Your Business

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Instagram Stories is the highlight of the day; utilizing them properly within the platform can bring wonders to your business.

Demonstrate Your Product

Regardless of if you use a photo or a 10-second-video on your story, demonstrating your product still gives you a significant edge. Nothing can beat a clear and precise demonstration. If you’re in the cosmetics industry, food industry, or any industry that provides physical objects as their product, a fast and unbiased demonstration is the greatest way to promote your product without being pushy.

Provide a Daily Sneak Peek for Your Customers and Audience

One of the fastest ways to feature on your Instagram Story is just a sneak peek. Show them a glimpse of how your business runs daily. You can give them a 10-second-video of how your business works. If you have a restaurant, show them your kitchen. If you have a hotel, show them how your employees fix beds and prepare rooms. These little things inspire them to choose your business as they see how things are done each day.

Feature Your Other Social Media Profiles

Another great way to gain more followers is by driving traffic from one profile to another, better known as social media cross promotion. Instagram Stories allow you to do this brilliantly by simply features or content only available on that certain profile – show them what they’re missing from you. You can do this by creating a story, either video or photo, and show them what you usually do on that profile that you can’t do on Instagram. One common example is, of course,live videos on Periscope!

Make Use of Stories as Teasers

If you have an awesome blog post or article you want to promote, make a teaser version of it by using Instagram Stories. You can make a short trailer video showing what the article is all about and place a link to show the complete version. People on Instagram love DIY or an instructional article or video, so take this to your advantage!

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