2 Ways How Social Media Greatly Improves Customer Retention

If you’ve been long working in a busy business world, you know that customer retention is far more effective and inexpensive compared to customer acquisition. This is why you should put more money in retaining your customers than trying to get new customers. However, studies still show that about 82% of customers in the US stop their business with a certain company because of poor customer service. Let’s face it; the main issue why people dub a company with poor customer service is simply because they’re not able to respond as soon as possible – social media can change that. How it changes that and can greatly improve your customer retention, and it’s all here in this article.

2 Ways How Social Media Greatly Improves Customer Retention

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Quick Response and Interaction

Perhaps, one of the best things about the customer service on social media is it can easily and quickly respond to customers. Unlike traditional phone call complaints, where customers must wait in a queue, customers who use social media can easily message and freely comment on their complaints. With an active employee to take over responding to activities on social media business profiles, an hour or two should be the maximum response time. This makes customers feel more at ease as their issues are being acknowledged.

And, when your customers feel like they’re being taken care of, it’s assured they’ll become loyal. Attending to your customers’ needs gives powerful rewards. Remember, having a loyal customer that comes back to your services and products is always better than having a new customer that is probably just there to try your product.

Keep Them Updated on Your Social Media Profiles

Do you know what other things most loyal customers complain about certain brands? It is their inability to keep them up-to-date with the latest features and promos. Why do you hide it from them, when social media channels are there to make updates easy to announce? A quickly pinned post should do the trick and inform everyone.

I would hate if my ISP (internet service provided) changed their rates and didn’t inform me. How am I supposed to update my account if I don’t know I should? And, when I find out late, that will make me disappointed, and I would choose to no longer do business with them. This is the same way most people feel when they think they’re no longer important for a company. Remember, customers are everything for businesses – which is why you need to retain them.

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