3 Proven Powerful Twitter Tactics to Get More Website Traffic

Are you experiencing a drought on your website? Does it seem like a lonely place with only a few visitors a day just to take a short peek? Fret not as there’s always be a solution. Now, I will show you three powerful tricks you can do on Twitter to get more people checking out your website – no matter how big or small the business.

3 Proven Powerful Twitter Tactics to Get More Website Traffic

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Use Images!

Some of you should absolutely change your perspective about Twitter being a text-only platform. Did you know that visual content on Twitter gets more engagement and more clicks than text posts? Make use of images that are neat, entertaining, and creative. The more vibrant the images you use, the bigger the chances of standing out and getting more engagement, which simply leads to more traffic.

You can do this by creating a new tweet. Upload and attach the photo to your tweet by clicking on the camera button on either the desktop or mobile app version. Doing it this way allows you to add a link to the photo, which is the primary objective. Don’t worry; this process will also show a preview of your photo in the timeline.

Also, make sure the images you use are yours. To get some pictures, you can choose to purchase them, shoot some yourself, or craft them using graphic creation tools such as Pixlr. This precaution is to avoid any problem of copyright infringement.

Never Give It All on Twitter

You know what makes people go bananas? It’s when they just didn’t get everything – like only seeing 99% of everything. Learn how to tease. Tease your followers and fans, so that they must see the entire blog posts or your website. Just think about it. Why would you need to go to a website when all the information is in the post? That is why you need to leave them hanging. The more you leave them hanging, the likelier it is that they’ll want to know more and surely visit your website.

Don’t Ignore Repetition

Unlike other social media platforms where repeating your post can turn out badly, on Twitter, it is a different story. On Twitter, not all your fans can catch the quick updates of posts/tweets. That is why repeating an update or content is a great course of action. Your fans will understand and appreciate your posts; just make sure you won’t overdo it. Doing it two or three times with a bit of deviation will go a long way. So, ideally, use a different photo and headline on each post, but they both must have the same message and goal.

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