Facebook VS Twitter Ads – Let the fight begin…

We all know there are two major giants in the world of social media – Facebook and Twitter. For business, opting for the best platform might be overwhelming, as these two are very competitive, especially regarding advertising.

Choosing the right one is crucial to your business’ success and improvement. So, which is the right one? In this article, I will lay down their pros and cons – in a comparative manner – to give you a better scope and understanding of what you’redealing with.

Facebook VS Twitter Ads

The functionalities, concepts, and designs are a key factor in our ads. However, it will still be altered by the platforms’ overall attributes because we are still opting for results. So, which platform promises more sales? Which platform has more users? Which platform can provide better savings? The questions are endless.

Number of Users

One of the most significant factors to check is the number of users. This will give you an estimate of how many customers you might garner when you launch your campaign. To begin with, Twitter may have an impressive 310 million monthly active users, but Facebook wins by an avalanche of 1.60 billion monthly active users. That number assures you that whichever part of the globe you’d want to target, you’re bound to have a credible audience.

Facebook 1: 0 Twitter


Advertising Cost

Cost plays a very vital role in any advertising campaign. Facebook offers you more on flexibility, and that is one thing for sure. Twitter simply has a reputation for being too expensive. Nine out ten will opt for Facebook simply because they save more – bids are cheaper and you can start for as low as a dollar, if you’d like.  Twitter will provide you many expenses; the clicks alone can be four to five times more expensive than Facebook, with just a few exceptions.

Facebook 2 : 0 Twitter


Click-Through Ratio

Now, forgetting people to click that ad, Twitter is the current champion. Even with the large audience and reach Facebook has to offer, Twitter has shown more promise. The reason behind that is simple; Twitter has fewer ads running – making it more fascinating than spammy. Another reason might be that the ads blend in more naturally on popular topics and conversation streams.

Facebook 2 : 1 Twitter


Mobile Optimized

More people engage on Facebook when it comes to mobile. Users also spend more time on Facebook Mobile compared to Twitter. This alone is clear enough, the reason behind that is due to Facebook’s slick and user-friendly functionalities and features.

Facebook 3 : 1 Twitter



It might be safe to assume it is a tie. Even though Facebook has more likes per minute compared to Twitter, retweets are more of a hobby in that platform, which provides more free exposure to new audiences; meanwhile, shares on Facebook are said to be scarce for ads. Although, these are still in dispute as likes on Facebook can still be seen and can still provide exposure for the user’s connections (friends).

Facebook 4 : 2 Twitter



It is clear who is the current winner in Facebook VS Twitter. However, it does not mean you should only choose this as your final route. I have shown you which platform has the best promise, but it can always change. Work things out and be creative. There’s no harm in doing both, but prioritizing one, for now, you best prioritize Facebook.

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