Brand Profiles Will Be Available on Instagram Soon

Based on the latest Instagram statistics, 400 million users were enjoying the unique photo sharing platform as of September 22, 2015. That’s one huge goldmine for entrepreneurs to promote their products and services. However, they lack the aspect of making brand profiles stand out and state the obvious, since they don’t have one (at the moment). Fret not, as this article will provide you with their latest update on that matter.

Finally, after a long wait… and due to their relentless success gaining more users and improving overall user experience, Instagram is now in the testing phase on their brand profiles.

This is the new feature on instagram's brand profiles

The new brand profiles are much the same as any personal Instagram profile. There are only three notable changes or add-ons, namely: Contact Button, Linkable Location Tag, and a Category (to classify your business properly).

Contact Button

The contact button is as clear as what it portrays – to contact. It gives your followers or any user the opportunity either to send you an email… or check your business address. This may seem simple and quite a mediocre feature, but just to remind you, Instagram survived many years without it. Businesses and customers really have had a hard time on this aspect of the platform.

It saves a lot of time and removes the hassle trying to get in touch with the brand. The brand will no longer have to use their bio space to place their website link and email (which is a non-clickable format). This new feature allows users to contact them instantly; one mystery, though, is why “email” was the option, rather than immediately sending messages via Instagram.


Linkable Location Tag

The second feature is the option to check their location after tapping the contact button, below ‘email’ – Get Directions. This feature resolves the issue for brands/companies not to waste their bio space (150 characters only).  Get directions will open a map to show you the location of the business in the most accurate manner possible.

Instagram’s bio space is quite a waste if you have to place your address, when you can just share more critical information about the business – 150 characters, still stingy. Well, at last, they solved the concerns by providing brand profiles with features to show you directly where the business is located and the ability to contact them via email instantly.



The final feature that undeniably makes things more specific and easier to search is the ability to categorize your business properly. Instead of using your bio space, you can use this additional tool, streamlined to Instagram’s search engine. That way, you can easily connect to the right people seeking that type of product/services, while making users easily assess what your brand profile is all about.


What Makes It Amazing?

For starters, Instagram is a fairer goldmine, compared to other social media channels/platform – especially Facebook. Why? Because, unlike Facebook, with complicated algorithms due to certain friend systems, Instagram basesuser’s personal news feed solely on followers/following.  Facebook basesit on a lot of things, family, friends, groups, page likes, history, and all other elements with the goal ofonly putting relevant posts on your feed. Instagram doesn’t have this, making businesses equal– the only aspect to focus on is the number of followers. That aspect alone makes it easy for brands to promote and advertise.

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