Why Creativity & Uniqueness Means Success – Instagram

Being unique and creative is a trait that has incredible value on Instagram. It simply works like magic in attracting users to follow you and making them become a potential customer for your business. That sounds sweet, right? Well, the thing is being creative and unique is quite challenging. And that’s why a lot of businesses on Instagram look like cookie cutter – identical at best. But if you have the determination to be unique, I promise you a smooth path to success using Instagram for your business.

Why Creativity Uniqueness Means Success for Your Business – Instagram Why Creativity & Uniqueness Means Success – Instagram

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Why Creativity and Uniqueness Works on Instagram

First of all, if you actually look at the big picture, Instagram is filled with redundant content. A huge fraction of businesses displays the same boring method of showing their products with a price on the caption and a plain white background.

People are now immune to this. Even if the product you sell is built to last and is overall appealing, it won’t sell using traditional means. However, a low-quality product that’s been uniquely posted will get the spotlight.

Take for example fashion bags or clothes, people wearing them or just being placed on solid color backgrounds are so common. It may be appealing in the past but it certainly has no power today. People pause and look for funny, entertaining, and unorthodox ways of displaying a product. I’ve seen posts with tons of comments and likes simply because their fashion product was worn by an elderly together with youngsters with the caption “age is just a number.”

Though it does take quite some time to prepare such presentation. It’s all worth it because it makes a lot of sales. The point is that people admire these kinds of images over the common trend. That’s why if you want good results you must put in a lot of time and effort.

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