5 Things a Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Do for Your Business

If your business is currently expanding and things are way out of your control, it’s more a good plan to hire a social media virtual assistant to ease things up. Having someone to manage your social media profiles and its day-to-day activities will help you save time – a lot of it. Moreover, it is also a sign that your business is growing! So, if you’re unsure what a social media virtual assistant can do for you, continue reading.

5 Things a Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Do for Your Business 5 Things a Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Do for Your Business

Your Social Media Virtual Assistant Can:

Reply to Every Message and Comment

No matter what platform, replying to comments and messages is one of the most challenging and demanding things on social media. Not only does replying ASAP yield a positive review, it also makes all your audience trust you better. Thus, I think one of the best tasks your VA can do for you is to reply on your behalf. And if ever your VA is having problems replying, he/she can always forward the message to you.

Publish and Schedule Posts

As long as your social media virtual assistant has the access, he can do the posting for you. Whether Facebook or Twitter, an active presence is utmost important. This makes your audience feel that the account is alive and reachable. Though sometimes, it is quite exhausting to do this yourself, especially when you have other important things to do. Thus, you hire a VA and make life easier.

Create Sharable Images and Graphics

Let’s face it; it’s not really hard to create graphic images for your social media content – with a little bit of practice and guidance, you can craft shareable images. People love originality and images that aren’t simply recycled day in and day out on the internet. That is why even if the quote you use is used a lot, it’s still going to give you amazing results as long as the image is new, authentic, and made out of quality.

Update and Improve All Your Social Media Profiles

I guess that most of you are no longer even filling the extra blanks on your bio in your Facebook profile. That’s pretty normal for busy entrepreneurs. However, if not taken care of, it will not put your social media efforts into optimal shape. Another great way for your VA to help you out is to do this task themselves. Just let check my blogs and search how to optimize your profile, you’ll be delivered to an array of blogs for each particular platform. Here’s how to optimize your Instagram profile.

Analyze and Improve

Last but not least is the most disregarded task that even the owners themselves forget. And that is to analyze the metrics and learn from it. Of course, this consumes quite a lot of time and effort just to pinpoint the areas that can be improved. Well, that’s why I’m recommending a social media virtual assistant to do this for you. Simply ask him/her to find the best posts and the worst posts you have and try to understand why one works and the other one doesn’t. After that, request him to provide possible actions or changes for the better and approve which you think is good for your business.

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