Sharing the Same Content More Than Once on Social Media – Is It Ok?

For those who’ve been consistently following me on my social media accounts, you might have noticed that I, myself, repeat a few contents. Some people are actually skeptical about this method and some actually assume that it will hurt one’s reputation. So, is it really ok to use the same content more than on social media? Isn’t it quite a spam?

Sharing the Same Content More Than Once on Social Media Is It Ok Sharing the Same Content More Than Once on Social Media - Is It Ok?

Posting the Same Content More Than Once on Social Media

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When you share the same content/video/blog post from your site or your YouTube channel, there’s only one of these two things to happen. One, it will cause a few of your audience to get upset and put some strong comments on one of your posts. Or two, your audience who’ve already seen the post will simply ignore it and those who haven’t will appreciate it.

That being said, in my opinion, posting the same content twice or more is actually a good move and is beneficial for your brand and for your followers. Why? Even if you do get a few angry people commenting, how bad can it be? What’s the worst thing that could probably happen, right?

Instead of thinking about the negativity, think about the positive benefits of doing it. First of all, your content will be seen by every follower in the long run. Doing it twice is just like a catch-up for those who’ve not seen the first post. Moreover, it also allows you to get more website traffic or traffic in general to wherever that content is published. Overall, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Isn’t That Considered as Spam?

Well, that would depend on how you share your content. If you’re going to post the same thing after every hour, three times a day, then that would be considered as such. And if you’re going to post it again after a week using the same exact caption, then that would still be a spam. However, if you will change the caption and your general delivery, be creative, and place a new image for the post, then that would not be spam.

The trick is that it has to appear like something new as much as possible. It’s not that you’re tricking people as the content and its message is still the same. You’re just creating a new version of it. And your point isn’t to spam, but to make sure each of your followers gets the chance to read what you think is of value to them – which isn’t a bad thing.

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