Buying Fans on Social Media – Good and Bad

To be honest, buying fans or followers is one of the most mediocre things on the internet. It has a divided repute, as it is full of both advantages and disadvantages. Well, for starters, it’s not all bad as there are a lot of brands – even big ones – that buy fans for their social media profiles. Though it’s not illegal and it’s not harming anyone, it has some downsides, as most platforms penalize these actions. Either way, I will provide you an unbiased report about buying fans to help you decide whether it’s for you.

Buying Fans on Social Media - Good and Bad

To start, I will give you a little motivation by providing the good thing about buying followers.

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The Good

  • Fast numbers – by buying followers, you can easily make people believe your page is legit and people like you. That’s because people are engineered to follow people with authority and well-established.
  • Easy and effortless – buying followers is offered by a lot of websites. Some are even provided by certain pages on the social media platform, and they’re cheap, and they do what they promise to do.
  • A great start for any business – all businesses struggle at the start, especially with having a thousand followers. Buying them can easily provide a quick and powerful boost.

The Bad

  • They’re just “follows” and not continuous engagement – these follows and fans do not engage or provide any further likes and comments. It simply means that, whenever you post, you can expect no share or comment at all – making it very suspicious, especially if you’ve bought thousands of followers.
  • They’re not potential customers – another bad thing about them is there’s not a chance on earth that you’ll sell something to them.
  • Social media platforms will not rank your posts well – just because you have fans doesn’t mean your post will have new organic views. That’s because they don’t have any in the first place, and that’s the challenging part.


Buying followers has a quick impact at first sight, as you will gain a number that’s worth checking. However, these numbers are just for show and will not provide you any other benefit. This is why it’s not actually a good idea to rely on buying followers and fans and I don´t recommend doing it. It is an option if you are desperate to have some form of authority at the start – especially for those who sell consultation and other services that must prove they’re legit but you have to keep in mind that your reputation is everything and if people see that you are faking it, you might loose it all. What do you think about it? Leave me a comment below.

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