How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Pursue Your Social Media Goals

I know social media can be quite exhausting at times. The common problems are the challenges of growing your followers, the challenges of consistently providing relevant content, and the challenges of keeping a good connection with your audience. All of these can really consume a lot of brain power that may lead us to give up – a dump load of stress. This is why I’m sharing with you a few ways to keep yourself motivated and eased to pursue your social media goals.

How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Pursue Your Social Media Goals How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Pursue Your Social Media Goals

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Break Your Social Media Goals into Smaller Pieces

As much as possible, you want your social media goals to be obtainable in smaller pieces. You want them bite-sized so it won’t provide you tons of pressure and stress. Instead of aiming for a successful brand presence on social media that’s exposed worldwide, aim for an increase of 1000 likes for this month. Try to gain 10 comments or shares per post. Or, try to get appreciation messages at least once or twice a week. Keeping it real and practical will allow you to act as a human rather than be an overpowered supernatural being. This process will reduce the pressure tremendously. Take it step by step rather than trying to accomplish everything at once – this will only make you frustrated.

Make Your Social Media Strategy Flexible

Of course, you want to have a strategy that’s on point and effective. However, the world is full of surprises. There might be a few updates along the way that will make your strategy ineffective and you might not be prepared for that at all. Why? That’s because you might have planted your strategy in your mind to be the only way. Don’t think it that way. Be flexible and make your strategy flexible as well. Always provide leeway on your plans or ready a plan B just to be sure. This eliminates the panic if things go unexpectedly and allow you to function well enough.

Don’t Be Afraid of Asking for Help

Even I, myself, have a few people around me that contribute to making my life a bit easier. It doesn’t have to be an employee or anything like that. You can simply ask your family and friends. May it be by supporting your social media campaign, or as simply as asking them to share your most recent posts. If you can ask help and you know they can provide it to you, it would be unwise not to do it. Remember, not asking for help is not a sign of strength. It’s simply just pride – and you’re the one suffering.

Write Down the Reasons Why Your Social Media Goals Matter

Last but not least is to write down the reasons why your social media goals are important to you. I’m pretty sure there’s more than just because it helps your business. Write even the most personal reasons as it actually reminds you why you’re doing this at all. Whenever you feel down, check what you’ve written as it will surely pull you back up. Those moments that we feel like slowing down, that’s simply because we’re quite forgetting why we’re doing what we do – a quick reminder is the best solution.

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