How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is one of the busiest social media platforms out there that takes little effort just for your tweets to get noticed. This is why it’s a crime not to create a Twitter profile for your business. The only problem is, even if your post gets seen, you can expect no one to retweet it or even click on your profile right away. Now’s the time to change that, as I will provide you a lot of tactics to optimize your Twitter profile to get more followers, engagement, and results.

How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Add a Catchy Twitter Header

Let’s start with the most noticeable aspect of anyone’s profile, the header. Use that huge chunk of space with the best image you’ve got that tells something about you, your brand, or your website. Don’t use stock background images; use images that will be easy for users to notice and provide an instant message to your visitors.

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Add Keywords About What You Do

Twitter has a powerful search engine, and you can search specific things in great detail. However, people rarely do that; they’re more into using keywords, rather than phrases or specific details. That’s why you need to make your info snappy and short. And, the best way to do that is to use keywords, and you’ll gain organic visits occasionally.

Add Relevant Hashtags

Twitter is like the father of hashtags and the platform is full of them. It provides better exposure and engagement. Not only is it used for tweets, but you can also include it in your profile, and it works effectively. Most of the time, people tap or click on hashtags, and if that hashtag is used on your profile, you’ll also be seen by the users.

Add a Link

Adding a link doesn’t mean it has to be a website; that’s not the only option. You can add a link to your other social media profiles, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This way, not only are you getting visits to your Twitter profile, but you’re also encouraging them to check you out on your other social media profiles and getting the most out of it.

Add a Friendly Profile Photo

No matter how oftenI’ve mentioned this, I still see a lot of users not following this very important tip. Commonly, people use images that are plain good looking – not friendly or pictures without a smile. Though there is nothing wrong with that, it just gives no immediate impression of being approachable. And, people want to follow or talk to people who they think can be talked to with ease. Not only is your image attracting users to follow you, people will think you’re a nice guy and you deserve it. Last, make sure you are consistent on every social media profile to make your followers on Twitter identify you easily on Facebook – have a single social media profile and stick to it; if you change one, change all.

Connect Your Periscope Profile

Just like Facebook and Instagram, there’s also Twitter and Periscope. Connect these two and get more advantages, such as instant cross-promotion and faster content delivery. You can do this by simply tweaking a few things on Periscope:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your device.
  • Scroll down and go to ‘Twitter’.
  • Click on the account you have attached to your Periscope.
  • Re-enter your username (if not, edit it).
  • Re-enter your Twitter password (even if it’s already showing to ensure it’s up to date).
  • Click ‘Done’.

Pin a Tweet

You can’t fit everything in your bio. And, you can’t use your header or profile image just for detailed information or things you want everyone to know instantly. A quick and practical solution for this is to pin a tweet. It can be a link, a valuable update, or anything that can provide further value. Not only that, but you can also pin your best performing tweet as it’s a proven success that will attract more visitors to follow you.


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