Why It Is Best for Your Business to Advertise Using Facebook

Perhaps, there is no arguing when it comes to what’s the most popular and most used social media platform in the world – Facebook. But when it comes to advertising powers, is it still undisputable? In my opinion, without question, yes it is. As a matter of fact, I now dubbed it as the leading advertising platform this year, 2017.  And here’s why:

Why It Is Best for Your Business to Advertise Using Facebook Why It Is Best for Your Business to Advertise Using Facebook

Three Solid Reasons Why Facebook Advertising Is at the Top

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Massive Population

I’m not going to lie; I’ve mentioned how Facebook’s colossal number of users is one of its major assets. The sheer population alone, 1.18 billion daily active users (September 2016), is an assurance that your ads will reach more people than any other platform.

Just think of it this way. If you’re the richest man on Earth and would like to advertise that, using Facebook will allow 1.18 billion people to know. Compare that to using other platforms such as Twitter which only has about 150 million daily active users.

Unbeatable Targeting Technology

Due to Facebook’s unique system engineering, it simply records and studies everything its users are interested in. Every action you do within this platform is carefully assessed. Then, that info will be the basis for targeting, which makes the ads yield very high conversion rates.

To put it in simply, Facebook knows you very well, it knows the things you love checking out and the things you hate (simply because it gives you the option to hide certain posts). If you target cyclists, for example, Facebook will only choose users who like pages about cycling or bikes, images, videos, or any posts with regards to it. And the best thing is that if you can specify it more, you get better and more accurate results.

Great Versatility

Unlike other platforms where the advertising option is limited to image with captions only, Facebook allows videos, images, even stories, and can be integrated to Messenger. Moreover, Facebook allows you great control on your budget.

You can run a campaign for as low as $1 per day when set for impressions. This allows any start-up business to get exposed at a very affordable rate. Though it may seem really cheap, it still is very effective as long as you target the right people. So, make sure that your product is only seen by those who are potentially interested in it.

Last Say

Overall, the cost efficiency of Facebook ads is beyond impressive. Not only does it provide you real results for a very limited amount of money, it allows you to get total control of it – from the target to the budget. There is, perhaps, no other platform that truly helps and cares for small, start-up businesses to get exposed at an affordable rate except for Facebook. This is why I think this platform is a winner when it comes to paid advertising.

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