Why You Mustn’t Ignore Infographics in Your Social Media Strategy

As most of you know, nothing can compare to seeing images on social media. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else, the use of images has always produced better engagement and better results. Why? That’s simply because it stands out. Images are always two levels above than plain text posts. We, humans, are simply programmed to appreciate pictures rather than words. That’s why here are a few reasons why your social media strategy should make use of infographics.

Why You Mustn’t Ignore Infographics in Your Social Media Strategy Why You Mustn’t Ignore Infographics in Your Social Media Strategy

Three Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Must Have Infographics

There are a lot of reasons why making use of infographics for your strategy is an amazing idea. However, I’ll just stick to three that I believe is the most essential why you simply must not ignore this type of content.

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It’s Faster to Understand

In a world where most people are always in a hurry, easy to absorb content is a prized gem. Most office workers and the likes usually spend a fraction of their break on surfing their social media newsfeeds to find something valuable to them. However, since they have a very limited amount of time, they prefer contents that are usually summarized, detailed, and entertaining. And infographics are simply the best when it comes to providing that.

It’s Easier to Spot

Unlike plain text post that’s just black and white, infographics can be made from multiple colors. That alone, even if it does not have any clip art, will still gain more attention. The reason is simple, again, it stands out. Take Facebook’s newsfeed, for example, we are always drawn to posts with pictures. And we seldom notice text-only posts because it blends with the background. Even if the text post is significant and has value, the attention-grabbing element is missing. Any image with a color other than black and white will always have the upper hand.

It Show You as an Authority

There are only very few brands that create infographics. Why? The answer is, straightforward, exhausting. When creating these types of content, they will take too much time. That’s why some would prefer to simply use an image with a caption rather than creating long infographics to be used for their social media strategy. Nonetheless, the benefits it provides are way off the charts. It’s because brands that have the time to create infographics are usually at the top – big brands and companies. If you use this kind of content, people find you authoritative and a reliable source of information.

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