How to Stop Your Competitor from Taking Your Social Media Followers

One of the most painful facts you have to accept when starting a business is none other than competition. Though competition takes a lot of forms, I’m just going to focus on a very important one in the online world. And that is about losing social media followers to your competitors. Let’s face it; this is one very common situation yet has a very huge impact on your business. So, how do you stop losing your followers?

How to Stop Your Competitor from Taking Your Social Media Followers How to Stop Your Competitor from Taking Your Social Media Followers

Three Effective Ways to Preserve Your Social Media Followers

Be Competitive, Too

As crude as it seems, it makes sense. People are more attracted to anything that seems to be better than the other. You have to be the better one. That’s why, by all means, you have to be competitive. But how do you become competitive?

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To be competitive, you have to have a keen eye on your competitor. Observation is the word you’re actually looking for. Make sure that you see every step he takes and makes a better one out of it. If you still don’t get it, just take thing about discounts for example. One of the most common marketing strategies is by providing a discount.

If your competitor is marking the prices down, you have to compete by either doing the same thing or by offering a two-for-one deal. Though you are forced to lowering your earning potential, you are benefiting a lot. One, you instantly convinced your customers that you’re still the better man. And two, you’re more likely to steal your competitor’s social media followers.

Keep Your Social Media Profile Alive

One of the most common reasons for followers to seek out other brands is simply because there’s no reason to stay. Why would you spend your time looking at a dead social media profile, it doesn’t make any sense.

This is why you always need to post something, once or twice a day. However, to further improve the results, you have to post something that’s valuable to your audience. Don’t just spam advertising here and there, post something that connects with them. Be social. I can’t stretch that more than it already is. You have to try and connect with your followers on a daily basis. Never assume that just because they’re following, doesn’t mean they’re loyal and consistently checking you out. Engagement is the true measurement of followers.

Show That You Care – Respond

Last but not least is by simply showing your human side. Just because you represent a brand, it does not mean that there’s no life or humanity in it. Your followers will comment, react, thank you, and even be angry at you for so many reasons. You can’t just ignore this and think there will be no consequences.

You need to show them that you’re willing to connect. And you can simply do that by responding to messages and replying to comments. Most of the time, when a few of your audience/follower/customer have a question or a concern, they expect an answer – ASAP. If you leave this unattended, they’ll seek other brands that answer back.

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