5 Periscope Topics to Rock any Business

Many people, unfortunately, struggle to use Periscope for their own business. This is why I want to share with you 5 topics that will help you create some great broadcasts, no matter which field you are in.

  1. Share your story:Everyone is interested in why you are doing what you do. So, share who you are and how you have started with your business or job with your viewers. Be honest and open about what you like and what you are struggling with, as people relate to it, and it will increase your authenticity.
  2. FAQ´s: You know the most important questions about your business, so share and answer them.
  3. Behind the scenes: Treat your viewers as VIP´s and take them behind the scenes. Interview co-workers, employees, and clients, give an insight to your company culture, and show them your office, warehouse, or any interesting place related to your job.
  4. Explain your product/service: Give your viewers a sneak peek about an upcoming product and explain why it is the new big thing. Explain how it works and feel free to give them a dedicated discount code to try it.
  5. Customer Survey: People love to be an active part, so ask them questions about your business field. How much would they pay for it? Where do they buy it? What´s their favorite brand, related to your product or service, and where and how often do they use it? This information will help you to improve your product and service, and it will increase trust in your brand, as people feel you care about their opinions.

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Cheers from L.A.

4 responses to “5 Periscope Topics to Rock any Business”

  1. I am looking to find a way to stream a video conference to Periscope or Meerkat… That seems not technically possible at the moment as both do not accept other feed than the device itself (no RTMP feed as with YouTube for example).
    Companies could take advantage of their video studios to communicate with consumers or public.
    Or any other application.

    However, I am not so sure this makes sense marketingwise… Any opinion?

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