How to Boost your Periscope Profile & Spread it to Gain Followers

Your Periscope Profile text is crucial to gain more followers, as members will see it and probably decide if they follow you or not. Especially, when you comment in other streams, and other viewers are tapping on your comment, they see your profile in the first place. (Visit my Promotion Streams on Sundays at 1pm PST, as thousands of Periscopers join to find new followers). The first step is adding an inviting profile photo of yourself, or if you are using periscope as a company, use your company logo. If you haven´t uploaded any photo, periscope will display an egg, which will make it much harder to gain followers.

Next to it, your profile text is indexed by the periscope search engine, so you can increase the chance to get found by adding keywords in your profile. Let me share my profile text with you:

As you can see it consists of four parts:

  1. Emoticons to drive awareness
  2. Relevant keywords (periscope, consultant, tips, followers, viewers, earn money) to get found
  3. A reason to follow me
  4. Link to my blog

Feel free to copy it and leave your profile text below as a comment, and I will take a look at it.

After you have optimized your periscope photo and profile text, spread the link to your profile. Your link is always: Periscope.tv/YOURUSERNAME.

Mine, for example, is Periscope.tv/1AlexKhan

Here are some ideas to spread your profile:

  1. Add it to your email signature
  2. Add it to your website/blog
  3. Publish it on your other social media profiles like facebook, instagram, youtube twitter etc.
  4. Send it to your friends & family
  5. Send it to your newsletter list

Get my 5 easy steps to 10x your periscope followers now by clicking hereFeel free to leave me a comment with a link to your profile below and please share this post, so others will see it, too. As you know, my blog is about helping others and growing together. Thanks a lot.

Lots of love from Los Angeles

16 responses to “How to Boost your Periscope Profile & Spread it to Gain Followers”

    • I won´t use so many hashtags as periscope doesn´t index them. Better write a nice sentence and concentrate on maximum 3 topics. Probably I would start with UCSB Professor and your topic that you teach as you are an expert in your field.

    • It´s a bit too much in my eyes. I would focus on 3 topics maximum. and may be add a reason for a follow like: Follow me & I show you how you CAN have it ALL!

    • Exactly. Next to it hashtags are not indexed by Periscope right now, so you could remove it. Better add some reason for a follow like: Follow me because I personalize laser made & engraved wine boxes.

    • I would add some emoticons and focus more on what you do on periscope. Keep your website link but remove your other profiles. Better talk about them in your streams. Have a great day.

  1. Great advice brother…much appreciated.. As they say all change is an inside job..and there’s a whole world out there waiting to be positively effected x

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