5 Steps to End your Broadcast the Right Way!

Don’t just end a broadcast by saying, “Good bye”, like most of the broadcasters. Learn, in this blog post, how to end your stream professionally. Follow those 5 easy steps to gain followers and build tension for your next stream.

1. Recap: As many viewers don´t tune in from the beginning, they might miss some part of your stream. Give them a quick recap of today´s topic, so they know what you have talked about. Ask them to watch your replay if they want to know more about it. This is a great way to convert live viewers to replay viewers.
2. Thank you: Show your appreciation for your viewers by saying thank you for watching your broadcast and spending time with you.
3. Sneak Peek: Give a little sneak peek about the topic of your next broadcast and tell them when the next stream will be. Of course, this requires some planning before you start your stream. You can also ask your viewers what your next topic should be or let them choose and then just tell them when it will be.
4. Follow: You need to build a following, so ask your viewers to follow you to not miss the next broadcast and explain how they can follow you. (Simply tap on the number of viewers on the bottom right, tap your name, and then another tap on the subscribe button).
5. Last 5 seconds: 
Don’t say anything important in the last 5 seconds of your stream, as periscope cuts it out.

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How do you end your stream? Feel free to share your ideas below as a comment and please share this blog post with your followers. Thank you.

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