5 Lovable Snapchat Content Ideas

Are you having problems with what kind of Snapchat content ideas you should work on? Well, it is hard sometimes…especially when you’ve tried so much already.However, there are always a few new things to try or repeat if you’ve ever done it already – that are lovable. Here are 5 Snapchat content ideas that your fans will surely love, check them out, try them, and have fun.

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Set a Takeover

For those unfamiliar with this kind of thing, it is simply when you hand over your Snapchat account to an influencer or a famous person with thousands of followers to use your account for a period of time. In other words, you are just letting influencers borrow your account and make use of it. To be clear, takeovers should have a core reason or purpose. One that’s very common is when a profile wants to promote or launch a certain product, event, or just a big announcement.

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This is great as it will give you access to garner new audiences. Typically, it will only last for a few hours or for just a day – or sometimes until the event or promotion is complete. You can arrange a takeover successfully by choosing the right person to use your account. It would be best to choose a host with the same niche as you, as their audience will already have something in common with your profile.

Before a takeover should take place, the chosen influencer that is going to host your account should announce that he will not be using his original profile and will instead be using yours. Thus, telling his fans to add your profile to see the event, which will gain you new followers and probably be permanent depending on how well the takeover was done.

Show Behind-the-Scenes

As a very personal platform, this is one of the best Snapchat content ideas – showing behind-the-scenes snaps to your audience. This is because everyone wants to know a little secret about anyone, and it simply automatically becomes a secret as snaps only last for about 10 seconds.

Most businesses nowadays really do this type of content, especially Taco Bell. They’d show you how things are done inside the kitchen. They give you this little sneak peak of the crew and how their operations work. This gives a sense of trust towards their fans.

So, if you want to have this deeper relationship with your audience, give them something they won’t usually see. Show them the set, the studio, or if you have a product, show them how it’s made. Not only is it fun, but it also gives you a particular bond between provider and consumer.

Open Something New – Even to Yourself

Perhaps another great Snapchat content idea is to open something new to yourself and let them see how you’d react to it. It is just like giving a live review to something, perhaps even your new product, making it impossible to be biased about it. A lot of influencers and bloggers do this; they’d ask people to send them things to unbox and critique.

A great example would be sing/songwriter Ariana Grande. She simply sends out 10-seconds snap videos of her songs from her new music albums. Thus, not only providing a little heat for everyone to talk and wait about,but it also works as an excellent means to promote something. After Ariana does this trick, she quickly gets a publication from tons of media outlets talking about her snap focused on her new album. The key here is just to be yourself and being yourself on how you unpack things – should be new, of course.

Share Tips You Do

Another thing that really catches loads of attention is giving out free tips – like, who doesn’t want them… you learn from them, and they’re free. Unlike your normal tips you provide, share something out of the niche or, perhaps, some secret to relieving stress. These are still considered tips and people would like to know how you keep on going without fail. This shows them that’s you’re also vulnerable, and you still have tips you follow, day in and day out. Share them with your audience and you’ll be surprised by how much engagement you’ll get out of it.

Do a Question and Answer Chat

Last but not least is one of the most common Snapchat content ideas, which is still very effective. As the chat feature in Snapchat allows followers to speak directly to you, you can simply do a Snapchat Q&A session with ease. You can do this weekly or monthly if you like. You just have to make sure the schedule is tight so people will know when to expect it.

Q&As are a great way to learn more about your followers and let your followers know something more about you. This is one way to surely deepen your relationship and know whether you should improve. Some questions may be far off, but it still gives you insight into what type of audience you have.



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