5 Things to Tweet When You’re All Out of Ideas

Are you somewhat empty…? Well, what I mean is, are out of ideas forTwitter posts? If you are, you’ve come to the right place.

It is completely natural to be simply empty, and we no longer know what content to post,or in this matter, Tweet. And, the problem about that is you have an audience to feed constantly – or else, you’ll lose some of them.

If you think you’re all out, or about to be, see these five absolutely easy things to Tweet that will surely hype your profile.


1. Tweet an Opinion about Life

This is so broad you can have endless ideas of what to post. Well, just focus on the question “how is your life this very instant?” That is easy, and you can just tell anyone about it, and you’ll be surprised how many people will engage. Why? Because everyone has a life and they’re interested in others as well. People may deny that they don’t care but in reality, they’re still actually curious.

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@1alexkhan”]In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.[/tweetthis]

2. Be Grateful

The odds of you posting some thankful tweet are highly unlikely. I’m pretty sure because we tend to forget that occasionally. So, another thing to tweet that’s easy and effective at gaining much engagement is saying how grateful you are. You can Tweet simply thanking the people who’re there for you – your audience alone deserves that.

3. Ask a Question to Know More about Your Followers

If you’ve tried posting almost everything, certainly questions aren’t part of it. Just try asking any question that will help you know more about your followers. Perhaps, ask about what their favorite past time is or even what profile they like the most.

4. Tweet a Review

Again, this is a very broad idea for you to Tweet. You can Tweet about a movie review, a product review, or even critique on music. Not only will your followers know your taste of things, but they’ll also appreciate some new information about something. Maybe, the movie you just reviewed isn’t familiar to them, thus giving them a hint on what to watch next.

5. Tweet Funny Things

Last but not least is simply to post something funny. A joke, a meme, or even a video if it made you laugh. Don’t push yourself into searching for something that you think will make the whole world laugh, just be yourself and people will appreciate something original – plus something hilarious.