Twitter Verified Status – Take Care of It or You’ll Lose It

Having that verified button beside your username is one of the amazing things about being a Twitter user. Aside from being trusted by your followers, you are validated by the platform’s system. But many users have been taking this status for granted and most often abuse it. Embracing stricter verification policies is Twitter’s solution.

Twitter Verified Status Take Care of It or Youll Lose It Twitter Verified Status – Take Care of It or You’ll Lose It

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Violation of the company’s guidelines

Many verified users have been reported due to bad behavior, but the system still validates them. Considering the increase in the number of reports, Twitter can’t just be lenient anymore. With users become more vocal of their complaints, the company has been driven to review its verification policy.

After the analysis of the policy, Twitter has concluded to incorporate a harsher approach to governing user behavior.

Remember that when you signed up for Twitter, you agreed to its terms and policies. If you’ve checked that box, it means you’ve read the rules and regulations of the platform. And if you violate even one guideline, you are at risk of losing your verified status. Twitter might take your status away without notification.

So if you don’t see the blue check mark beside your username anymore, Twitter has observed inappropriate behavior in your account.

Bad offline behavior

Twitter has become so strict that it won’t be tolerating any offensive behavior even if you’re not using the service. Do you promote unhealthy lifestyle habits in real life? Say goodbye to your verified status because Twitter will objectively review your account. If proven to be true, your account will lose the system’s validation.

But why is Twitter considering even offline conduct? Your account reflects your perception of certain issues in the real world. Even if you don’t post about the inappropriate movements you endorse, you can’t escape from the eyes of others.

If your account is still verified, people will see Twitter as a social media platform that supports deviation from social and moral norms. Twitter will lose its credibility and will be risking a large number of its user base.

To avoid this from happening, Twitter will check your demeanor offline. The software will check user complaints and review your account.

Even if you’re a first-time offender, Twitter is not as lenient as it was before. Remember that it has become harsher in its approach.

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