Improving Your Social Media Game Using These Tips from Known Influencers

Social media influencers have high market power online, which they earn from their interests and hobbies. A 280-character tweet or a picture of an influencer eating that’s shared on Instagram could potentially make hundreds of dollars. Indeed, having a great presence on social media is amazing. But to acquire such presence, there are a lot of things you need to do. Here are the tips of two famous influencers on how to improve your accounts:

Improving Your Social Media Game Using the These Tips from Known Influencers 1 Improving Your Social Media Game Using These Tips from Known Influencers

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Fitness Blogger Jen Selter (11.5m Instagram followers)

Be yourself

The online world is filled with new users every day, and it’s your goal to stand out even if there are millions of other people. A great way for you to be unique is to be yourself because no one else can ever become you.

By being yourself, you create your own identity that allows your audience to know it’s you even with just a single post.

Update regularly

Updating is a crucial part of your social account’s growth. It’s impossible for you to increase your follower base without updates. But you should keep it moderate to avoid spamming your profile.

Avoid feed drought by posting at least five times a week. Make your followers love you by avoiding irrelevant content.

Engage with your followers

Even with regular updates, it’s hard to keep current followers and attract new ones because of other users offering new content. Engaging with your audience makes them feel appreciated and validated.

Reply to any type of comments to let them know their feedbacks are important, and they make a significant difference in your improvement.

Travel Blogger Kiersten (448k followers)

Keep it real

It’s possible that your audience is following you because they see you as a reliable source. Be honest with your reviews whenever you are asked to do one. It is in your honesty where their trust in you develops.

Exert effort

No one ever succeeded without a drop of sweat on their brows. Kiersten spent five years building her reputation. She worked hard and did a variety of things. She did giveaways and shared a lot of behind the scenes of her travels.

There’s no secret formula

Stop wasting your time in looking for the formula to succeed because it doesn’t exist. Fake bots and followers won’t bring you success. Instead, they’ll only bring you to the world of illusionary victory.

Improve your profile now

Having high influence online is hard especially when you take into account the increasing number of users every month. But with strategies provided by successful influencers, acquiring a huge presence in social media isn’t entirely out of reach.

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