Three Things to Take Note When Creating a Facebook Business Page

Most of the time as I browse around and scroll over my newsfeed on Facebook, I often see newly created business pages. Some of which are organically shared by my friends while others are from ads. Few of those are working well, but others are definitely not – all going downhill from my perspective. How come? Well, there are things I think a Facebook business page should follow. They need to have this specific look that makes them stand out.  Furthermore, they must be instantly recognized as an official business page. And to do that, you need to take note of these three things:

Three Things to Take Note When Creating a Facebook Business Page Three Things to Take Note When Creating a Facebook Business Page

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Three Things a Facebook Business Page Should Have/Follow

Use an Outstanding Cover Photo

When I say outstanding, it means it’s going to get attention quickly. Whenever a person visits the page, they should stare at the cover for a moment. And it should instantly tell them something about the page. Take for example a clothing business, most successful clothing line pages use models wearing the best clothes they have – mostly bright in color, too, and with a small transparent (but visible enough) logo. Or you can take my cover photo for example, which is simply a photo of me, a quote, and the best companies have featured me to give me more authority. Any photo is OK, as long as it simply gives them the message about what the page or business is all about in an instant.

Your Profile Picture Should Either be You or Your Business’ Logo

Skip photos that are not easily recognized or recalled. Use either a face – make sure it’s a friendly, smiling one – or a logo in a plain-colored background. Both of what I mentioned can easily be remembered. Never place full body pictures or a picture that you need to zoom in just to know what it is about. I know it may be tempting to take a photo of your actual store, but what happens when you decide to expand or move out?

A logo can offer a quick representation of your brand and is flexible enough for any changes in the future. Sticking with a recognizable profile image increases your chances of being found when people search for your other accounts. Moreover, if you have a new product, and it has your logo on it, customers can easily know it’s from you – and if they trust you, they’ll trust any product you offer.

Get Your Vanity URL

Once you got the page set up, Facebook will assign a random URL for your Facebook business page: facebook.com/pages/businessname/s1o2m3e4t5h6i7n8g9. You need to change it into something recognizable once you’ve passed the requirement, which is basically gaining, at least, 20 likes. Take my link for example that’s really fast to type and remember: https://www.facebook.com/1AlexKhan/

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