Three Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail on Facebook

As all of you know, Facebook (being the biggest social networking site today) seems to be a very promising platform for start-ups to be in. It has the highest number of monthly active users and is absolutely easy to use – making it friendly for those who aren’t that tech-savvy. However, even though what I’ve mentioned is true, there still seems to be a high failure rate (about 76%) for small businesses on FB.

Three Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail on Facebook Three Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail on Facebook

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Why Small Businesses Can’t Grasp Success on Facebook

Undefined Strategy

The first and biggest reason why a lot of start-ups fail on Facebook is due to having a poorly designed strategy or having none at all. Take note that a social media strategy isn’t merely posting an image once a day and then asking people to like it. It is about defining what you want for your business and choosing the right actions that suit best for your target audience. That includes creating the right content (videos, photos, infographics, blog posts, etc.), reaching out to people who may help you gain more exposure, using ads, and by all other means possible.

Poor Time Investment

Secondly, the next thing that truly makes a business fail at social media is when they only invest one to three hours a week. Think about going to the gym to improve your body, do you think working out for about 30 minutes a day will give you the results you want at the end of the month? Of course, you’ll see some progress, but it’s never going to be enough unless you give it all that you’ve got. An hour a day on social media is just good enough for a thorough and accurate research to gather data about your audience – if an hour a day seems fine to you, don’t expect significant results.

Completely Ignoring Ads

If you won’t be using ads, may it be Facebook itself or niche influencers, you’re unlikely to succeed. Ads are there for a reason; they’re a means to instantly give you the upper hand by exposing you to all your potential clients as soon as possible. Ignoring ads puts you at a disadvantage as your competitors will be the ones using it and gaining your audience. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a long-term thing nor should it be a reason for you to go bankrupt. At least allocate 10% of your total budget to it, and you’ll see instant results. Once you build things up, you can focus on organic means to expand your reach.

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