Why Your Brand Matters More than Your Product

When it comes to marketing, one of the most common mistakes I see is the lack of consideration or focus on marketing your business as a brand rather than a product. Today, as I watch social media ads for innovative things, they ignore their names as a manufacturer – the ones that made it possible. Contrary to popular belief, a product is not a brand. Take note that your product can be copied or faced with an alternative at any time. However, your brand is the identity of your business, and no one else can take that from you.

Think about facing two cars. One is a Bugatti Veyron, while the other is a mass produced car from a different brand. Consider that both of them are “cars” or automobiles, if both are free and you can choose one of them, I’m pretty sure which one is your choice. We can even scale it down, think about salt and spices. Passing those simple products in a grocery store, people always tend to pick the known, well-trusted brand than those that are new.

Why Your Brand Matters More than Your Product Why Your Brand Matters More than Your Product

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When Promoting, Focus on Your Brand First Before the Product – Here’s Why:

Brands Cover All Your Products and Soon-to-be Products

Brands give your products an origin, which is something that most people are meticulous about. Consumers want something safe and reliable, and brands can simply be the answer. If they know that that product comes from a brand that assures quality and has always provided a positive experience, they’ll be at ease in picking any product coming from that brand and straight to their shopping cart.

Just think about Nestlé. No matter where on Earth you go, may the language chance, and even if the product is new to you (because it’s exclusive in that country only), I’m sure that you’ll have this feeling of security that when you buy that product from that brand, you won’t be disappointed.

Branding Helps Your Products Become the Winning Choice

If a person goes to a grocery store and has to buy milk, he’ll have to choose from a brand. But here’s the tricky part, how will he choose which branded milk? The answer is simple; the most familiar to him gets picked. Some products may be greater than the leading brand. Without marketing the brand properly, it can be hard to sell out. I’m sure that even the majority of you would pick out a gallon of milk with a brand that has a ring to your ear.

Brands Are Easier to Share

Once you get your consumers trust, it’s very easy for them to share it out. People love to share positivity. And if your brand is considered as one, you expand your customer base without any cost. I’m not saying that your products shouldn’t have their room to shine.  I’m just saying that your brand should always come first as all other aspects of it will be covered. And those are products, customer experience, and everything else.


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