Three Big Questions to Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy

As you all know, a well-planned social media strategy can significantly improve your business’ online presence and help you attain your goals. It’s a means to get your dreams become a reality and that is why you need to make sure it’s not some overnight plan. So, before launching up, and while you’re still on the verge of successfully creating your social media strategy, here are three big questions to help you improve it.

Three Big Questions Three Big Questions to Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy

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Three Powerful Questions to Help You Improve Your Social Media Strategy:

Why Use Social Media for Your Business?

The first question is upfront and practical. Although it may seem really straightforward and crude, it can stir up a lot of ideas. Try to answer it in a manner where you search or set your accomplishments in this venture.

Don’t just limit yourself for an online presence or having a good connection with your audience. Try to dig in deeper and see the long run. For instance, if you have a start-up business about selling shoes, why not use social media as a tool to soon collaborate with fashion brands. Brainstorm as much as you can and bring in some goals not just for the year, but for the entire run. Think about Nestlé, it was just once a condensed milk in the past, if they’d stick with that, they won’t be the giant food brand they are today.

What Can You Do to Achieve Those Goals?

The next question is about seeing all your options to materialize those goals. Of course, nothing is going to happen without you doing anything. Think about “how” to get it. On social media, you have tons of options in getting followers. To name some of these means, you can always start with sharing great content through blog posts, infographics, videos (live or not), or inspiring quotes and images.

So, as long as you set all your available approaches, the challenge of reaching your goals will cease to be as complicated as it seems. From that list, prioritize which one of them is your primary means. Rank them from the most effective for your brand to the least efficient and start doing them once you’re all set.

How Will You Assess Progress?

Last but not least is to gauge what you’ve accomplished. Always track progress to know where you currently are and how far are your goals. There are a number of ways to do that. One of which is to install a tracking or analytics software/app. Or you can just rely on the generic analytics tool provided by the social media platform. Things you need to take note are the changes and significant spikes in engagement rate. These will tell you which action is effective and which is not, making you more flexible and accurate in changing your strategy for the best.

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