How to Make Use of Facebook Reactions for Your Business

Facebook has done nothing but provided us with quality features since its launch, and another new element that has surely awed all of us is its new “Facebook Reaction” buttons. It is similar to how the “like” button works but only this time, it provides with a more particular emotion for each button. Because of that, users can easily share what they think about the post without even commenting. But how can your businesses make use of this feature?

How to Make Use of Facebook Reactions for Your Business How to Make Use of Facebook Reactions for Your Business

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Run a Facebook Reactions Poll

The best and one of the most creative things I’ve seen brands use the reactions button is to merely create a fun and interesting poll – or just anything that they can vote on. You can do this by posting a picture with two or more figures or options they can pick and provide a corresponding to each option.

For example, if you own an online shoe shop, why not post three different styles or brands of shoes and give a particular reaction for each. So, for example:

  • Nike = Like
  • Converse = Heart
  • Adidas = Wow

By doing this kind of poll, you will encourage a lot of reactions from your fan or even from random users. Not only can this method provide you will new followers, but it can also show you their preference. From there, you can make use of the data you’ve gathered and implement it into your strategy.

Take note that it doesn’t have to be a product, it can also be anything that you think allows you to garner more followers using Facebook Reactions. Take the time to create a quality image to yield better and more promising results. Also, don’t forget to make the most out of the caption. Remember to place an engaging description and always add a call-to-action. You can always add something like “don’t forget to share” or something like “tag a friend.”

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